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How a Missionary Learns a Language

Learning any language is difficult. It takes a lot of work and frustration to speak a language and speak it well. As a missionary to China, I am often asked if we already know Chinese and/or what language school looks like. As with all the posts in this series, most are based on...
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Why Learn a Language?

After a missionary has set up their home and settled in, it’s time to start language school. Learning the language is vitally important for a missionary. Nothing will hinder a missionary more than not learning the native tongue of the people they are working with. Here are...
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Setting Up Home: The Why

The plane ride is over. The missionary has now arrived on the field. Now what? Does he go straight into ministry? Does he learn the language? What does he do first? These are all good questions and the first thing a missionary does is set up his home. Every missionary needs a...
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