How to Become a Christian According to a Registered Church (Part 2 of 3)

According to the last post, the first step according to a registered church to become a Christian is to pray the “Decision Prayer”. As I previously stated, this first step sounds much like what you would read on many Gospel tracts. Although you could hope it to be clearer than it is in a Gospel presentation, the point of what the church put out was not just the first step but all three steps.

Here is the second step of how to become a Christian according to a registered church:

Participate in “Baptism Ceremony” to become a Christian

After you finish the “Decision Prayer” step, you need to do the second step which is to receive baptism. Although the Bible records that if we with our mouth recognize Jesus is the Lord of our life, and in our heart believe God raised him from the dead; we certainly can obtain Jesus’ salvation, but the Bible also emphasizes we must receive baptism. It is only after that we are officially a true Christian.

Generally speaking, baptism is usually held at a church. Because of this, if you want to be baptized, you only need to go to a church close to you then tell the pastor or church leadership that you wish to be baptized. They will then help you prepare for the baptism ceremony. But if you have any special circumstances, (sick, incarcerated, etc) baptism can be performed outside the church because it does not matter where you are baptized. (Hospital, prison, in a home, etc) But it is only after the baptism will you be officially a Christian. From the moment you are baptized, your life will be changed and Jesus will be with you. God will gradually get rid of the old life and the light will enter your new life, and help your life more look like Jesus.

About the Author
Ben is a graduate of the Our Generation Training Center and has served with Vision Baptist Missions as a church planting missionary to China since 2012. Currently, he and his family are living in Dalian, China and attending language school.