How to Become a Christian According to a Registered Church (Part 3)

We have already seen part one, pray the decision prayer and part 2, receive baptism. But now we come to the third part of how to become a Christian according to a registered church.

Follow the Bible’s teaching on life and become a true Christian

By following the Bible’s standards on saying the “decision prayer” and receiving baptism, you are only a nominal Christian. You must also complete the third step. Only after this step can you be a true Christian. This last step is called “Following the Bible’s teaching on living life”

After we become a Christian, most of our old life and our life after we became a Christian is very different. Because of this difference, the Bible calls our life after we believe in Jesus a “new life in Jesus”. After we become a Christian, if we want to live out this new life, we must do what God says in the Bible and not what we ourselves want to do.

For example, the Bible emphasizes that the Christian life is a communal life and not an isolated one. From the very beginning, Christians have lived life together as a community, and this community is called a “church”. Because of this, a “Christian life” can be called a “church life”. A church life is the life pattern that the Bible teaches. This pattern of life includes: reading the Bible, praying, participating in Sunday worship, interacting with other Christians, participating in church work, giving offerings, etc. Furthermore, by actively participating in church work, it can help you be more devout and receive God’s blessings.

In other words, believers not only need to finish the first two steps but also follow the Bible’s teaching in order to be a believer with a new life. If a person has been baptized but does not want to pray, read the Bible, this person could barely be a nominal Christian or not a true Christian. Although they say they have prayed the Decision prayer and received baptism. These two steps are only the beginning of receiving God’s blessing; The process of wanting to become a Christian is not relying on a few minutes of ceremonies but an entire life lived in faith. To be in this process is none other than the whole person (all aspects of life) investing in the Christian faith. By doing this, our life will be unceasingly changed by God into something newer. This is because the new life in Christ will come out.

Therefore, although many have prayed the decision prayer and received baptism but they do not follow the Bible’s teaching on life, this kind of person will only have Christ’s name but not Christ’s life. On the other hand, if a person has prayed the decision prayed and follows the Bible’s teaching on life, but they have not received baptism, according to Scripture, this person cannot be a real Christian. The Bible says we must be Christian in both name and practice. Because of this, only those who have completed these three steps can truly be called a Christian, have a new identity and possesses a new life in Christ.

About the Author
Ben is a graduate of the Our Generation Training Center and has served with Vision Baptist Missions as a church planting missionary to China since 2012. Currently, he and his family are living in Dalian, China and attending language school.