Sunday Wrap-Up: First Bible Study in Shanghai!

  • Had our first Bible study in our home!
  • We had 11 people, double digits!
  • We had a couple from the church in Dalian who were visiting in Shanghai come and bring two people.
  • The others were members out of a church up in Harbin led by a Chinese pastor friend of ours.
  • They moved here for work.
  • It was a great time to evaluate what to do and not do.
  • I think any more people and we may need to look for somewhere temporary.
  • One of the people who came was a young man named Damon, he si an Uyghur (Wee-Gur)
  • That is a Muslim minority in western China
  • We are excited about what God is going to do here in Shanghai
  • Now that our house here is all setup and done, we can get back to normal…ish.
  • We met with our daughter’s doctors this week in order to get a better idea of therapy and such
  • We should be starting that within the next couple weeks.
  • I will be studying material to pass the HSK test. This is a Chinese ability test.
  • I hope to take it this coming semester
  • I will also continue working on preparing for our Bible study
  • We are going through the Bible starting in Genesis showing Jesus in the major stories
  • From 1990 to 2010, Shanghai’s population nearly doubled!
  • I found this article about persecution in China very interesting
About the Author
Ben is a graduate of the Our Generation Training Center and has served with Vision Baptist Missions as a church planting missionary to China since 2012. Currently, he and his family are living in Dalian, China and attending language school.